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How to Inexpensively Have Others Promote Your Race All Year

Race shirts are great for continually getting your race in front of others. However, there are plenty of additional opportunities as well, like upgrading your packet pickup bags to a sponsorship opportunity.

How to Inexpensively Have Others Promote Your Race All Year

As race directors, we spend plenty of time working on the right shirt design, so your participants can flaunt your race shirt throughout the year. However, when we pass off the shirt and any other race swag, it's often handed off in a cheap plastic bag. The bag gets tossed and is never thought of again.

Enter the Tote Bag! When you hand over your race swag in a custom tote bag, your participants know that you've stepped up your game. Participants love it, and they'll be used throughout the year at grocery stores, beaches, and everywhere in between.

Sure, the cost is more than a plain bag, but having a custom tote bag for your race doesn't have to cost you a penny. This is also an excellent sponsorship opportunity. I generally price my race tote bags with two sponsors, where the combined sponsorship revenue covers the cost. Cost is covered, and you look like a champ providing this as extra race swag to your participants.

Pictured on this post is this tote bag. I've also purchased tote bags from You'll see that both have a huge variety of tote bags at different prices, and I'm sure your favorite screen printer can do something similar. They also constantly push out promo codes, especially around the holidays. So, I'll generally wait for a good 15-20% off promo code, and then order my bags.

In the end, my out-of-pocket cost is zero, sponsors are happy, and participants are happy. Plus, your race participants can promote your race all season long.

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