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Charity Races, New Revenue Streams, and Revamped Event Management

We’re excited to announce the launch of numerous updates to RaceDirector this week, including updates to event management, add-on products, and fundraising for charity races.

Charity Races, New Revenue Streams, and Revamped Event Management

Let's just dive right in to the updates we launched at RaceDirector this week:

Event Management
We've changed the way swag is managed. Previously, this was managed at the race level, which didn't give enough flexibility for providing different swag options for different events. You can now add unlimited swag and options at the event level. We've also enabled the ability to tack on additional costs for certain selections. For instance, if you want to add $3 to the registration cost if a user selects a certain type of shirt, or XXL size, you can do so now.

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Add-on Products
Now you can earn additional revenue through product and service add-ons. As a participant registers for your race, they're shown available add-on products to also purchase, or skip to checkout. Product revenue is shown in your race dashboard, and also in budgets and reports. The best part is that we don't dip our grubby little paws into your revenue, like other race registration platforms do. All of this is included in our simple $1 per registration fee. Credit card fees do still apply from Stripe at 2.9%, which can be passed along to the participant as a service fee.

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Charity Race Fundraising
Maximize your fundraising efforts for charity races. Enable the option to accept donations for your charity in Race Settings and identify which charity you're supporting. A donation option is then shown as a participant registers for your event. Your race dashboard will display your total donations received, in addition to income reports. Plus, you can easily filter and sort to see which participants donated during registration. Again, we have no reason to take additional fees from a charitable contribution, so we simply don't. Raise more funds for your charity with RaceDirector.

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