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The Launch of Custom Questions & Updated Event Manager

Every race is unique and may require custom details from your race registrants. This week, RaceDirector launched custom race registration forms, to enable race directors to ask any number of custom questions to participants during registration.

The Launch of Custom Questions & Updated Event Manager

Questions can be added and customized by event, and are displayed to your participants to answer as they register for your race. Adding custom questions is a breeze:

  1. Login to your RaceDirector account and click on Race Events to either add a new event, or edit an existing event.
  2. Our step-by-step wizard will walk you through the process of adding an event with Event Details, Swag, Age Groups, and Registration Deadlines. The last step is the new Custom Questions section.
  3. To add custom form elements to your registration form, drag the type of form field you want to use from the left to the area on the right. Between static text, standard text fields, large textareas, checkboxes, radio buttons and select menus, you’ll have plenty of flexibility to get the answers you need.
  4. After dragging in a new form field, click on it to change options like the label name, default values, and if the question is required or optional.
  5. To sort your questions, just click and drag them up or down to drop them into your desired order.
  6. Click the Save button, and your custom questions will be updated immediately on your online race registration.

As we launched custom questions, we also reorganized Race Events to make the process more streamlined, and not too overwhelming. Login to your RaceDirector account or view screenshots of the new event manager on our tour.

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