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Using Video to Market your Next Race

Video is the king on the internet when it comes to user engagement. When used effectively, video can benefit your online marketing efforts, sales, and branding of your race. Just as race photos are important to marketing your race for years to come, video can be even more effective.

Using Video to Market your Next Race

Everyone loves to watch, share, and comment on videos they appear in, or where they were part of the event featured. As a greater number of races are launched each year, using video as part of your race marketing strategy can help separate your race from others in your area. In a several minute video, you can convey what your race is all about, while showing smiling faces running your race and enjoying themselves. Viewers have a much bigger emotional connection to watching well-edited videos.

One of the biggest benefits to creating a race video is the ease and ability of sharing your video on social media. While you can boost your posts to get your message in front of your audience, it will never have the same success as your participants sharing, liking, and commenting on your post. With each share by a participant or any viewer, you're reaching a new audience that you may not have otherwise reached. These are all people who may like your page, engage with future content, and better yet, sign up for your events.

For instance, each September, I'm the race director for a charity 5k with 2,000 participants. This year, I had a local company record the 5k on the ground and in the air with drones, delivering the video included in this post. I boosted the Facebook post for $10 to people who like the race page, and their friends, to ensure it picked up steam early on. For $10, I received these results:

  • 1,961 video views
  • 4,532 people reached
  • 2 page views
  • 113 post likes

I can't think of a more cost-effective way to reach your target audience. However, this engagement also helped to get the same post in front of more people, with the following total stats:

  • 6,400 video views
  • 14,886 people reached

Sure, these aren't the crazy numbers you see on a good cat video, but they're highly-focused participants and friends of participants you can plan on looking forward to being part of your next event.

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