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RaceDirector Launches Race Fundraising Pages

We are huge fans of simplicity and scale. That’s why we love fundraising through charity races, where each participant becomes another opportunity to attract additional donors through a new network of friends, family, and colleagues. This is exactly what we set out to accomplish with the launch of our new fundraising functionality.

RaceDirector Launches Race Fundraising Pages

How it Works
When you enable fundraising for your race, we will automatically add a new page to your race site, which includes a description of your fundraiser, top fundraising participants, recent donations, and the ability to donate directly, or search for a participant to support. Each participant also receives a direct link they can share through social media, email, etc. to enable their network of friends and family to donate through their fundraiser page. Social media sharing tools make it easy to share a fundraising page.

As a donation is made, the donor will receive an email with their receipt. This email can be customized by you, the race director, under Manage Race > Email Templates. If the donation was made through a participant's page, the participant will receive an email alerting them of the support received. Donations are received through your Stripe account and deposited each day into your bank account, along with your registration revenue, on a trailing 2-day basis.

The total net of your fundraising activities is shown in the race dashboard, and can also be drilled down to view and manage individual donations.

Start Fundraising for Your Race
Setting up your fundraiser is a breeze. Login to your RaceDirector account and click on Race Settings under Manage Race. Scroll down to the Fundraising section and click to Enable Fundraising. From there, you'll see the option to name your fundraiser, set an optional goal, and describe your fundraiser. Once you save, your fundraiser page will be added to your site and your fundraiser is live. All participants will have a fundraising page by default now.

Keeping with the simple theme, we don't see why we should be entitled to different fees based on the size of the donation. We don't do any extra work if the donation is $10 or $500, so we charge a simple $1 per donation. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 to process the credit card and handle the deposit into your bank account. Donors can choose if they'd like to pay for the fee, so the fundraiser nets the full donation amount, or if the fee should be taken out of the donation, with net proceeds benefiting the fundraiser.

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