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Why pay a percentage of your race revenue for the use of technology?

Whether you charge $50 for your event or $100, you still use the same technology. At RaceDirector we believe pricing should be simple, transparent, and fair. Read more to see how RaceDirector’s pricing model will make your event more profitable.

Why pay a percentage of your race revenue for the use of technology?

This is a great topic to put into the context of an everyday expense that almost everyone has dealt with in their life or can easily relate: Paying the toll to drive your car on a tollway. For the sake of this example we are going to limit the discussion to four-wheeled, private cars only.

Each car that passes through the gate has to pay a toll of $2.75. Each car can now drive on the same section of road. All cars have the same four tires rolling down the road using the exact same infrastructure that has been built exclusively for this purpose. This seems like a pretty fair and straightforward system for each driver using this tollway system.

Now let us imagine for a moment a different toll system for the same roadway. In this model each car that passes through the toll gate now pays a toll based on the value of their car. $100,000 Corvette: That will be $11.00 hot rod. $25,000 Subaru: It is still only $2.75 for you madam.

The platform you utilize to register entrants and manage your events are just like the infrastructure built in the example above. Each registrant (car) passing through the gate is going to use the same amount of technology (roadway) no matter what you charge them to enter your race.

Why should you pay more to use the same technology as someone else who is using the exact same amount of technology? Here at RaceDirector we do not think so either. That is why we have a simplified pricing model. $1.00 per entrant is all we will charge you for access to our robust, feature-laden platform. $100 or $20 entry fees. 10 participants or 10,000. It does not matter. The cost to you from RaceDirector will always be the same for each registrant that comes through the gate.

Want proof? Check out this event currently open for registration on our platform:

The gist of this event is to run 7 races on 7 continents in 7 days. The entry fee is $10,000. This is like an Aston Martin flying down the tollway right? Our cost to the race director is still just $1.00.

Of course there are credit card processing fees that we all have to deal with somewhere. At RaceDirector we just decided from the very beginning that we would keep it simple, transparent, and fair. Our processing services from Stripe are at a competitive rate of 2.9%+$0.30.

Did we mention that we love events in the name of a good cause? We created a donation feature with easy social media sharing to help get the word out. Any donation made during the registration process by a participant is included in the registration fee, with no addition fees from RaceDirector.

We created a registration fee calculator so you can see exactly what your cost would be using RaceDirector given the number of participants and the projected entry fee. We took it a step further and created a chart that will show you exactly what you would be paying on 10 other race registration platforms. See how much of your hard-earned revenue you could be saving or donating to that great cause you care about at our Race Registration Fee Calculator.

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