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How to Manage a Successful 5k or Fun Run for Your PTO or School using RaceDirector

It has never been easier to organize and promote your PTO 5k or Fun Run using the robust and user-friendly tools of RaceDirector. Learn some tips for creating your next fun run or school fundraiser race.

How to Manage a Successful 5k or Fun Run for Your PTO or School using RaceDirector

So you and some friends were at a local 5k/10k last week with a few thousand people. Everyone is having a great time. The weather is awesome. Music is playing. Families with kids in strollers and very serious and fast looking runners are all mixing and mingling. The community as a whole is out in force to support the event. Sounds like a scene repeated every weekend in Anywhere, USA.

In a moment of bold confidence you proclaim: "Hey! We should put on a 5k and Fun Run to benefit our school PTO!" Immediately you regret this comment as your group of friends agree and quickly nominate you to lead the effort. Now what?

The good news is that it has never been easier to organize and promote your PTO 5k or Fun Run using the robust and user-friendly tools of RaceDirector. We do all the heavy technology lifting behind the scenes and give you an easy to populate and intuitive interface to get your race site registration and information pages up and going faster than your high school's varsity cross country #1 runner.

This is not rocket science, but there are some best practices that will allow your PTO or other school organization to maximize the funds you are able to raise while managing your event in an efficient and professional manner. So, with all that being said, here are four areas you can start to lay the foundation for a great community event for your PTO or other school organization.

  1. You need to have a website for the event. We are talking about all the details. Dates, times, registration deadlines, course maps, etc. The more it looks like you have your act together online the more people who will expect that you can actually deliver a great community event. At RaceDirector we give you a free website that will allow you to communicate all the relevant details to your participants about the event and the cause you are supporting.

  2. You will need to have ample volunteers. You and your small band or organizers cannot be everywhere at once. Planning and delegation is the key to being successful. Read more about how to plan to have the right volunteers in place to have a safe and fun event that people will want to run year after year. RaceDirector has the tools you need to manage every position out on the course every step of the way.

  3. Budget. Budget. Budget. Those race shirts cost how much? The whole point is to be able to give a nice check back to the PTO or other beneficiary at your school. RaceDirector allows you to build a budget that you can carry forward and tweak each year to be assured that your efforts will mean something in the end.

  4. Get sponsors to underwrite most of your fixed costs. Wouldn't it be great if every dollar you charge for entry fees could be donated to your PTO? That might be a slight stretch, but every dollar you get community businesses and individuals to commit to sponsor ahead of time means another dollar back to your cause. RaceDirector makes it easy to manage these relationships and give your sponsor the exposure in the community they seek.

Of course there is quite a bit more that goes in between all these spaces above to make a great event. We are not trying to tell you that there not will be lots of hard work that happens at your kitchen table burning the midnight oil that no one will ever see, but hopefully you are breathing a little easier now. Come race day everyone will be singing your praises about what a great event it was and that they cannot wait to come back again next year. Who knows maybe you will get nominated for PTO President!

We know how you feel at RaceDirector. We have been right there in your running shoes. That is why we have built a platform that can put your 5k or Fun Run up on the web in minutes, but also allow you to build a framework for an event that will raise money for your PTO for years to come. Did we mention that we think pricing should be simple, transparent, and fair as well? Learn more about our simple race registration fee pricing. While you are there, peruse all the great content we have accumulated to help you put your best foot forward.

See for yourself how RaceDirector can help you save money on race registration fees while maximizing your time with robust race management features.

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