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Color Your Race Green!

If your organization only puts on one event each year, or you have aspirations for a full calendar of well-attended events, the founders of The Color Run have created a scalable methodology that you should take a look at for inspiration.

Color Your Race Green!

Below is a recap of some of the interview that was featured on Running USA. You can read the entire interview here.

Does anyone go into building a new event and say "We only want to have XXX participants, but no more"? For the most part the answer is no. We all want to build sustainable success. This starts with a solid foundation. John Connors and Travis Snyder took their many years of experience in Construction Project Management and created a framework that saw 600,000 runners participate in their events during the first year.

So just how did the crew at The Color Run do it? To put it simply, they began with the end in mind. They started by breaking down their event into 10 smaller events that comprised the whole. There are so many moving parts to putting together a successful event: Volunteers, permits, race shirts, aid stations supplies, insurance, sponsors, and on and on. By creating more manageable pieces, they could define and support success in each area according to its unique needs.

At RaceDirector, from the very beginning we have believed it is all about the details and scalability. We have created the framework to help you make sure you have all the moving parts covered and have no last minute surprises as race day approaches. Even if you only have 47 runners your first year, you want those 47 runners to become the best advertising for year two when you roll out an even better event.

The guys at The Color Run obviously had a very big picture in mind from the very beginning. The same principles that apply to an event of 10,000 people also apply to one with only 100. It is not rocket science, but it is very thoughtful planning that is carefully tweaked from participant feedback to deliver what the audience is seeking in a very crowded space of weekend events.

One of the biggest takeaways that resonated the loudest with us here at RaceDirector was John Conners' comment regarding how smaller events can differentiate themselves and stand out and attract new participants. He talked about how you have to be authentic and have a story to tell that people will identify with in some way and care about.

"Participants are weighing your event with every other thing they could be doing on a Saturday morning..."
-John Conners, Co-Founder of The Color Run

It is great if you are raising money for the local school PTO or any of a number of worthy causes, but there are a plethora of great causes competing for people's support. Yes, you have to execute and produce a solid event, but that will not matter if you do not draw in the audience. This means have a well-coordinated message across all mediums.

John went on in the interview to liken the promotion of your event the way Hollywood promotes a movie. They have multiple trailers, actors doing interviews sharing clips, and all the social media buzz they can create. Again, the key is having a strong, concise message. You won't be able to chat up your event with Jimmy Fallon open late night TV, but you can get that message out in your community and to your target audience.

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