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Social Media and Sharing Made Simple

RaceDirector now has additional Social Media features to make it easier for your participants to spread the word about your event.

Social Media and Sharing Made Simple

If you followed our advice in our article about Marketing Your Race for Free on Facebook, you are off to a good start, but you might be scratching your head a bit about how to get some traction and have your targeted audience find your event. One way to accomplish this is to pay for ads or "boost" a post. Before you pay even $0.01 for ads, you have to make sure you are executing all the free fundamentals. We will save the topic of buying ads for a Facebook post in the near future.

The key to getting organic engagement is to have people "share" pages, links, and articles about your event. People liking and commenting also adds to the critical mass of chatter that will allow your messages to spread even further out through personal networks. If 100 people like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter, the best you can do is potentially have 100 people "see" that information in their feed organically. However, once people start liking, retweeting, and sharing items, is when the internet and social media can start to work its magic on your behalf.

RaceDirector has added social media integrations in multiple places to allow your participants to share information about your event with one click, and make it look click or share-worthy. On every page, we include the common cluster of social media icons, making it easy for a visitor to just click on an icon and share your page and event to their favorite social network.

Many social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ look in the site's code for a photo, headline, and description to use when someone includes a link to your race website in their post. For our fellow nerds out there, this is done by using the Open Graph protocol ( We have added a few new features to enable you to look your best when someone posts your link, by utilizing the Open Graph protocol.

To make use of these features, login to your RaceDirector account, and open the Site Settings under the Site Manager panel. You'll see the option to upload the image you want used when people share your link, along with the description used below the photo. See the image above for placement of these fields when your site URL is shared on Facebook. If you leave these fields blank, we'll use your race's logo, but it's not always the best size or dimension for sharing, and in some cases, Facebook will look for other images on your site to use instead, which could be sponsor logos or anything else that fits the image ratio best. We recommend using an image that's 1200 x 630 pixels.

Whether you love social media or hate it, in today's online world, it is an absolute imperative to engage across the spectrum of digital media outlets. A vast majority of your targeted audience is utilizing one or more of these resources on a daily basis. At RaceDirector, our goal is to make it simple and effective for you and your participants to promote your event and maximize your reach.

See for yourself how RaceDirector can help you save money on race registration fees while maximizing your time with robust race management features.

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