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Top Ten Running Motivation and Race Videos

There are so many great running or race videos. This is by no means the definitive list of all lists regarding running or race videos. At RaceDirector, we wanted to share this article with you to make a specific point: Video is a powerful medium for communicating with your audience.

Top Ten Running Motivation and Race Videos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Another familiar saying claims the pen is mightier than the sword. It is true that a photograph as well as the written word can elicit some powerful emotions, but video is a full frontal attack on all the senses. Think about some of your favorite movie scenes. Powerful stuff.

Below we have included some of our favorites. It is a mix of short documentaries, a few commercials, promos for race series, and one famous movie's best running scene. We hope you will not only be inspired to continue to embrace your own running in that way that is transformative to you in your life, but that you also might find a way to use video to capture the essence of your own event. Be sure to check out the bonus video at the end of the list for a great example you can relate to.

These are not in a specific Top Ten order, but everyone likes lists, so here you go!

1. David Goggins on Mental Toughness
Goggins is one tough hombre. Not only is he one of the most intense ultrarunners around, he was a Navy Seal in his day job. It is impossible to watch this one and not want to get up and do something!

2. Spartan Race National Promo video
If you have never participated or spectated at one of these races you will know what it is all about after watching this one. How tough are you?

3. The Lion and the Gazelle
Picking an inspiring trail running video is easy and hard all at the same time. There are so many great ones, but which to choose? This one featuring ultrarunner Joe Grant has all the elements.

4. The Color Run
Come see what all the hoopla is about. They had over 600,000 runners in all their events in the first year alone. This event is not about the fast or the tough. This one is all about the fun!

5. Reincarnate Nike Free
When it comes to marketing and imagery in sports Nike wrote the book. Search for "Nike" and "Running" on YouTube and you will get hundreds to choose from. This example nicely captures the battle between the runner and that little voice inside your head.

6. Killian's Quest
The fine folks at Salomon have an entire channel dedicated to running videos. This one feature the best mountain runner in the world, Killian Jornet, absolutely shredding technical terrain. Did we mention that most of it is in slow-mo at 1000 frames per second? Poetry in motion. You're welcome.

7. Team Hoyt
You think your training plan is hard? Did not feel like getting out of bed this morning? The hills felt too steep today you say. Remember this one next time it gets hard.

8. Rocky
Cue the trumpet music. Those first few blasts on the brass get the blood rushing every time. You know you have run up a flight of stairs and thrown your hands in the air and done a little shadow boxing:

9. 2015 Lake Sonoma 50
This is a great recap of what has become one of the most competitive trail running events each Spring. A fine example that captures all the elements of a great sizzle reel to promote an event.

10. Forrest Gump
These seven minutes need no introduction. A piece of trivia for you movie buffs: Tom Hanks' brother is the runner you see in most of the long shots in this sequence. "I just felt like running!"

The question you are asking now is how do I make a great video for my event without a Hollywood budget or an uber talented filmmaker? Check out the video below. This is for a local 5k that has grown to over 2,000 runners. This video project cost less than $1,000 to produce. The proliferation of drones has made it economically viable for everyone to get these wide, sweeping overhead shots. If you inquired around your community, odds are you will find a video production company or enthusiast who can deliver this type of finished product on a respectable budget.

So are you inspired now or what? Go for a run!

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