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Enhanced Volunteer Communication & Registration Exports

This week, RaceDirector has a few technical updates to pass along. It is all about continuous improvement, but we will not bore you with the technical gyrations we had to perform to create these. Read on to find out how export functionality has been expanded, and volunteer communications has become even more streamlined.

Enhanced Volunteer Communication & Registration Exports

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Updated Race Registration Export Functionality

We live in the Information Age. What good is all the great data you collect if you cannot do anything with it? Being able to take information on each participant and manipulate it any way you need on a spreadsheet can be very useful. Now RaceDirector gives you more options than ever to get the data you need. An exhaustive list is below, but the new data points added include Product Add-ons Purchased, Custom Form Answers, and Swag Options.

Registrations Data Exported:
First Name
Last Name
Race Event
Address 2
Zip Code
Email Address
Phone Number
Race Day Age
Bib Number
Sign Up Date
Price Paid
Discount Code Used
Product Add-Ons
Swag Options
All Custom Form Questions and Answers

Enhanced Volunteer Communications

Having enough volunteers is a crucial component to putting on a successful event. Without volunteers, most events would become economically unviable. In a typical race, there are many different volunteer jobs taking place. Check out a recent article on Common Volunteer Positions for ideas on how to cover all the bases for your event.

Being able to communicate in a timely fashion the what, when, and where of each assignment is also mission critical. This could be very time consuming if you had to individually create an email for each person. Even if you create group emails or copy and paste templates, it can be very time consuming. Under Volunteers > Email Volunteers, you can now easily email their position's instructions to all volunteers by adding the {{VolunteerAssignment}} placeholder. This will automatically be replaced with the detailed instructions for each volunteer's assignment. To update the instructions that should be sent for volunteer positions, go to Volunteers > Volunteer Opportunities, and complete the Instructions field.

These subtle enhancements are not sexy, but they are useful tweaks of the RaceDirector platform that are designed to make your job progressively easier. We would love to hear your ideas for improvements as well. Contact us with any feedback that will make your experience with RaceDirector better than ever!

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