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Keeping Your Race Organized with Budgeting and Checklists

Sometimes putting on a race feels like a complicated undertaking. When Kennedy announced the audacious goal of putting a man on the moon, it was a very complicated undertaking on a very aggressive timeline. We are not saying that a local 5k is as challenging as a moon shot, but they both do involve budgets, checklist, and timelines.

Keeping Your Race Organized with Budgeting and Checklists

If the engineers at NASA allowed the sheer magnitude of what they were doing overwhelm them, they probably would not have been successful. So here at RaceDirector, we are giving you some of the same tools as the folks at NASA.

Let's start with budgeting items on the RaceDirector platform. Think of the dashboard as mission control for your moon shot. Under Budget & Reports > Manage Budgets you can create Budget Items/Expenses. Here is where you are laying a solid foundation for creating a successful event from a fiscal point of view. Once you enter the cost, you can also designate it as a Flat Rate cost or a Per-Registrant cost. These items will now show up in the expense column on your Income Reports. This will allow you to manage your expenses along the way as your registrations grow. Check out more details in the Income Report Updates article.

Add a Race Expense

You will notice in the screen shot above that RaceDirector also allows you to create a due date for these budget items, as well as a place to indicate the date the item was paid. All of these items will show up on your dashboard under Manage Race > Race Checklist. This is also where you can add something to your checklist that does not have an expense tied to it. This could be a reminder to send emails to aid station captains or other tasks that have specific lead times or deadlines. This is where you can build the framework of the sequence of tasks that will keep you on track and not let anything slip through the cracks.

As you build all of this detail, it also makes it easier to manage your event in future years. On the RaceDirector platform, you can Replicate a Race. Once you have been to the moon once, you do not want to start from scratch next time. Once you "Replicate" the event for next year and set a date, all of your items with due dates will be adjusted to take place the same number of days out from the race as the previous year. Of course you can always make tweaks to get things done more efficiently each year.

So now you can see how RaceDirector and NASA have so much in common. We both have mission control and lots of tools that will allow you to break down a daunting task into manageable pieces in the form of budgets and checklists, so you can shoot for the moon with your event!

See for yourself how RaceDirector can help you save money on race registration fees while maximizing your time with robust race management features.

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