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Adding Distance Options to Your Existing Event Could Be a No-Brainer

At RaceDirector we know how much work goes into putting on a running event. A race that looks pretty simple and straightforward still involves careful attention to a multitude of details the average participants will never know about. Now that you have all this in place, you may be able to add another distance to your event with minimal effort.

Adding Distance Options to Your Existing Event Could Be a No-Brainer

A good example of this is a new or established 5K adding a 1-mile Fun Run or Kids Run. You may or may not even want to charge for this kind of option. You could make it free as a way to encourage people to make your event a family affair. Maybe one of the parents is a serious runner and has young kids. Kids love to watch mom or dad run a race. If you have a Kids Run or Fun Run option, the kids can get in on the action as well. The course could be something as simple as an out and back on your already established course, or another option that is easily done safely. Be sure to have a low-cost finisher's award for kids. You just might help inspire the next Prefontaine to take up running.

Another motivation for adding another option is to increase participation numbers and ultimately impact your revenue. Every runner you can add to a second race distance will be more profitable as most of your fixed costs are already covered. Examples of this can be adding a shorter distance to an event already established with a longer route. Add a 5k distance to a 10k race. You now have an option for people who may not be ready quite yet for the longer event, but can move up next year. Half marathons can easily add 10k's and so on. As your event grows, you can keep adding to the lineup and create something for just about everyone in your demographic.

Not every event needs to offer more than one distance. The BolderBoulder 10k has over 52,000 runners and 70,000 spectators. It was not always this big of course. The race found its niche and became a great scene that the community has wildly embraced. People come from all over to run this event. Adding the right mix of distances combined with creating an event that becomes woven into the fabric of your community will get you on course for success for years to come.

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