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Herd Mentality: Boost Facebook Posts to Draw a Crowd to Your Race

Many people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. Combine a bit of the psychology of this with some marketing techniques, and you can increase your event's credibility and participation.

Herd Mentality:  Boost Facebook Posts to Draw a Crowd to Your Race

Sometimes does it feel like you are all alone on your event's Facebook wall with crickets chirping in the background? We have all been on pages like this where there are some posts, but none of them have more than a few likes and very few comments. On the other hand, if you see a post with 642 likes, 127 comments, and 48 shares, you are probably going to check it out and see what all the commotion is about. Tapping into herd mentality can move your activity in this direction, if you know the right tactics to employ.

With almost 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook is the biggest herd in social media. Researchers have done studies that show people "like" and view more favorably posts that have larger numbers of comments, likes, and shares. Create a great post that is relevant to your audience that resonates, and the herd will come running like cows at feeding time. It seems to be getting more difficult to have posts gain this kind of traction on their own.

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One effective strategy to amplify the reach is to "boost" a specific post. This is different than an ad. What this will do is take your post and place it higher in a targeted audience's newsfeed, while also ensuring greater visibility. The fee for this boost will depend on how many people you want to reach, and what you ultimately end up paying will be determined on the actual number of impressions the post gets over time. Sounds expensive right? It can be more economical than you think. First of all, you set the maximum budget. So not to worry about a charge on your credit card with a few extra zeroes behind it. Here's an example of what kind of yield your boosted post might get at a few price points:

$10.00 boost480 - 1,200 impressions
$20.00 boost1,000 - 2,700 impressions
$50.00 boost2,900 - 7,800 impressions
Why the ranges? Some of this will depend on the geographic parameters, interests you tag, and demographics you choose for the targeted audience. Play around with the different inputs to see how it impacts the potential audience. We recommend starting with lower amounts like the $10 level to see how it can work for you.

Choosing the right post to boost is important as well. Make sure it contains several key pieces of information about your event or an exciting announcement. As with all effective posts on Facebook, be sure to include a robust image that captures the essence of the message you are trying to convey. A picture is still worth a 1,000 words.

Boost Faceboost Posts

Be sure to continue to drip other solid content on your page on a consistent basis while the post is boosted. You do not necessarily have to boost the other posts as well. In the beginning, it might be helpful to just watch the results of a single boosted post amongst your other content to see how it impacts engagement. It can also help to continue to re-boost the same boosted post a few times.

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Remember, you want people in your targeted audience to feel like your event will be "the" place to be on race day. You work really hard to create a festive event. If your event is a first-year event or a bit smaller, you want the buzz and talk around your race to feel and look a bit bigger to attract the herd. RaceDirector has integrated social media tools and other tips to help you get the word out and gather the crowd you need to be successful.

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