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Race Registration and Credit Card Fees: Who Should Pay?

Ultimately, no matter how you choose to structure race registration fees, your runners pay the price. The question really is, what is the best way present the cost of entering your event to your customers?

Race Registration and Credit Card Fees:  Who Should Pay?

No Fees Included
In this scenario your runners will directly incur any registration fee for the site you are using, as well as the credit card fee for processing the transaction. How these two fees are structured can make a big impact on your participants perception of the cost of your event when they sign-up. It is like when you get new service with a cable company and they advertise a $59.99 monthly rate and then you get the first statement and it says you owe $78.43. It does not feel like such a good deal anymore. Think about how your runners will perceive these costs as they click through the check-out process, and make sure you communicate very clearly how costs break down.

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Some Fees Included
Some events choose to absorb the registration fee and have the participant pay the credit card fee. Some do it the other way around. In this day and age, people are used to credit card processing fees being added onto a transaction when signing up for online events. At RaceDirector we like Stripe for credit card processing because of their competitive, straight-forward pricing. If you have sharpened your pencil and have a good handle on your budget, then you can easily determine your advertised cost for your event with the registration fee built in to the price. There is a wide variety of ways that different race registration sites calculate fees. Many charge a percentage of the event cost. Of course, we think the flat rate of $1 per registrant RaceDirector charges is the way to go!

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All Fees Included
This is the most straight forward way to set up your registration and fees. You advertise that your event costs $40.00 to enter and when they go to the site and check out, it does not cost a penny more. No surprises, unlike the cable bill scenario we already used as an example. It does require accurate budgeting skills on your part. You do not want your event to end up bleeding red ink because you forgot to account for either of these fees.

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There is no right or wrong way to do this, as long as you have thought things through from your customer's perspective. No matter which scenario you choose, you should always shop around for the best deals. The lower the cost, whether you or your runners are paying, the more you can spend on putting on a first-rate event that your customers will rave about. Check out our race registration pricing calculator to see how RaceDirector could save you and your customers some big bucks!

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