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Help Topic: Race Settings

This help article will cover the Race Settings that can be found on your dashboard under Manage Race > Race Settings

Help Topic:  Race Settings

The top section of this page will be auto-populated with data you provided when you added the race as a new event. You can edit this information now or come back to it later if you need to make any changes.

Registration Start/End: Simply click on the calendar icon and begin by selecting the day you want to open registration. You will then be prompted to further define the time of day you wish registration to be opened. Be sure to choose the proper hour you wish to select making note of the AM and PM options. Repeat the process for when you want registration to end.

As you continue down the page you will now complete the Registration Options section.

  • Add Service Fee to Registration: Do you want registration service fees paid by your participants or will you absorb them as a part of the race entry fee? You can read more on this topic in this related article: Race Registration and Credit Card Fees: Who Should Pay?

  • Enable Donations: The next selection allows you to turn on/off voluntary donations during the registration process. You might utilize this functionality if you are raising funds for a cause connected to your event. This is separate from the Fundraising functionality defined in the next section on the Race Settings page.

  • Enable Emergency Contacts: This will prompt your registrants to complete the required fields for their emergency contact person before they can complete their registration.

Race Registration Options

Registration Waiver: Here you can utilize the simple text editor to create your own waiver or copy and paste your text from another document. It is essential that you have a proper waiver agreed to by every participant. RRCA has sample waivers you can utilize. Links to these waivers and other information regarding insurance can be found here: Race Insurance and Event Waivers

Fundraising Functionality: Once you select "yes" to Enable Fundraising, you will see additional/optional fields that can be completed. These are all fairly self-explanatory.

  • Fundraiser Name: This will be displayed on your fundraising page.

  • Fundraiser Goal: Not required, but important for your supporters to know what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Link Name: This will be the name of the page displayed on your race site's navigation menu, for instance, "Donate Now"

  • Fundraiser Description: Utilize the text editor to write a description, or copy and paste from another source document. This text will be displayed on your fundraising page, letting your donors learn more about the charity you're supporting.

Race Fundraising Options

Our article, Race Director Launches Fundraising Pages, describes the full fundraising functionality and links to other helpful resources.

Be sure and click "Save" at the bottom of the page to complete your edits and updates. You can return to this page anytime from your dashboard selecting Manage Race > Race Settings.

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