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Simple SEO Strategies for Race Directors

If you build it, they will come. This might have applied to the Field of Dreams, but unfortunately, does not work for websites competing for coveted space on the first page of search results on Google. Executing some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your race website can greatly increase the potential for runners to find your specific event.

Simple SEO Strategies for Race Directors

These days, audiences are tremendously fragmented online. Some people are way into Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter while others avoid social media like the plague. Everyone should have a social media strategy on some level to cover all the bases, but having an effective website for your event is critical. Think of your website as your own plot of land in the endless landscape of all the other plots on the internet. There are billions of pages out there. Search engines index these pages based on keywords and relevancy. The stronger the content, the higher that page will be evaluated by the algorithms that drive search engines.

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Your eyes are probably a bit glazed over now and your head is probably starting to hurt. Do not worry. You do not have to be some sort of technical expert to apply these to your website. Yes, you could go hire an "expert" to apply these and other advanced strategies to move your site to the top of page one on Google, but before you make that leap, apply these simple tips to get things moving in the right direction.

1. Determine which keywords apply to your event:
Keyword Planner by Google is the place to start. This will allow you to do a bit of research to see which keywords you are considering are searched for the most.

2. Be specific relative to the size of your event:
If you are too general then your page might get lost in the sea of events using the same keywords. You can imagine how "10k run" would result in many results, but "10k run in Jonesboro" would greatly narrow things down.

3. Utilize keywords on all pages of your site:
This is very important on your home page, but make sure to utilize them throughout the entire site. If you can use it on the title of your homepage even better. Work them into the natural flow of the text you create on each page. Also, try and place keywords as high up on each page as you can. Combine this with 2-3 other uses throughout the page and Google will reward you with a better page ranking.

4. Apply keywords to images on your site:
Robust images are a must to create an engaging website. Take the power of those images to the next level by attaching keywords to the alt tags as well. This will add to the total volume of relevancy for your website when search engine algorithms work their strange magic. Plus, you will enable your images to be found in Google image searches as well.

5. Write an effective page description:
This refers to the meta description that appears below your page address on search engine results pages. Keep it brief, yet descriptive and enticing to encourage people to click on your link because they feel they will find the information they are seeking.

6. Update keywords periodically:
Go back to Google Keyword planner on a periodic basis, especially if you make changes or updates to the content on your site after each time your event takes place. Keywords relevancy can shift over time. You might find a subtle variation of a new keyword that will allow you to increase your exposure.

7. Get links from other websites to your race website
Links to your website from other related websites gives search engines the nod that other sites vouch for your website. When coming from a highly topical, related, trusted website, they carry the most weight. Think race calendars like, , and others.

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Hopefully, your head doesn't hurt more and that these tips will take an intimidating topic like SEO and give you some simple, yet effective strategies to apply to your website to help people find your great event. Contact Us at RaceDirector anytime if we can ever give you a hand along the way!

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