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Help Topic: Promo Codes

In this article we will cover how to complete the different options available for Promo Codes.

Help Topic:  Promo Codes

In this article, we will cover how to complete the different options available for Promo Codes.

Begin by going to My Races > and select the race you want to manage. Then select Dashboard > Manage Race > Promo Codes.

If you have existing Promo Codes, you will be able to edit these under the first tab labeled Promo Codes. See below for tips on editing existing codes. The second tab, Add a Promo Code, is where you can create new Promo Codes and complete the required details.

Add a Promo Code

Add a Promo Code

Code: Give your Promo Code a unique name. Take into consideration additional Promo Codes you may want to create. You may create as many Promo Codes as you need.

Description: In this section complete a brief description of the group or individuals for which this Promo Code is intended. This description is used internally only.

Discount Amount: You may populate this section with any dollar amount up the amount of the race registration fee. Example: $5 promo code will reduce a $30 fee to $25. If you wanted to promote or apply a 50% discount you would populate this field with a $15 value.

Number of Uses: As stated above, leaving the numerical value 0 will allow unlimited uses, otherwise change the number to the value of your choice. This feature is helpful if you want to create a call-to-action to boost registration during a short period of time, but limit the number of promo code uses.

Example: You could post a message on Facebook stating that the next 20 people to register will get $10 off registration by using a specific promo code.

Start Date: Utilize the drop-down calendar to choose when this code can begin to be used.

End Date: If there is an expiration date for the code, you will use the drop-down calendar to select the end date for this promo code.

Example: You can also create a sense of urgency by having a 1-day window of time a certain promo code is valid. "Today is National Running Day! Use promo code NatRunDay before midnight tonight to get $5 off your registration."

Applicable Events: Simply check the boxes for which events you want this particular promo code to be able to be utilized. By default, this promo code will apply to all events. Check the listed events to restrict this promo code to only selected events.

Be sure to click SAVE before navigating to any other features from the dashboard.

Edit an Existing Promo Code

View Current Promo Codes

Click on the Promo Codes tab and you will see all the codes you have created as in the screen shot above. At a glance you can see a description of each Promo Code, beginning and ending dates, as well as how many times it has been redeemed to-date.

Edit/Duplicate Promo Codes

Click on the drop-down menu in the far left-hand column next to the Promo Code you want to edit. By selecting Edit, you will be able to go into the original fields populated and make changes.

Selecting the Duplicate option will create a copy of that Promo Code. You can then go into the duplicate promo code and edit the data you want to be different for the new code.

The List Registrations option will allow you to see all the registration details of the runners who have registered for your event using that promo code.

Choosing Delete will permanently remove this promo code from your race. When you click Delete you will see a prompt asking if you are sure. Note: Deleting a Promo Code will note delete the registrations of those runners utilized this code to register.

Get the word out!

Now that you have created some Promo Codes, you have to figure out how to use them in your promotion strategy. There are so many different groups and organizations that you can target. Schools, Companies, Hospital/Health Systems, Local Running Groups, and many more. Check out the article below for some more tips on making the most of Promo Codes.

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