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Help Topic: Email Participants

Communicate with your registered race participants without having to export to an external email program. Send your participants important updates, reminders, or last-minute changes to your event.

Help Topic:  Email Participants

Communicate with your participants periodically leading up to race day to build up the excitement and to keep them informed. For instance, send an email including the registrant's bib number, race swag, and QR code to make check-in a breeze.

To email your participants, choose the race from the My Races menu in the top blue bar, and then navigate to Registrations > Email Participants.

Here are the available variables that can be used in the Email Participants message to customize the email by participant:

  • {{FirstName}} First name of registrant

  • {{LastName}} Last name of registrant

  • {{Address}} First line of address used to register

  • {{Address2}} Second line of address used to register

  • {{City}} Name of City used to register

  • {{State}} Name of State used to register

  • {{ZipCode}} Zip Code entered on registration

  • {{QrCode}} Displays the actual QR code used for check-in

  • {{Bib}} Displays bib number

  • {{Email}} Email address of registrant

  • {{Gender}} Gender of registrant

  • {{RaceDayAge}} Age of registrant on race day

  • {{RaceEventName}} Event the participant registered for

  • {{RaceGifts}} Swag items they are receiving. (Race shirt size, etc.)

  • {{RaceUrl}} Link to your race website

  • {{FundraiserURL}} Link to your fundraising page on your race website

  • {{RaceOrderedItems}} Summary of product add-ons purchased during registration

  • {{RaceFundraiserGoal}} Goal amount of your event's fundraiser

  • {{RaceFundraiserName}} Name of the organization your fundraiser benefits

  • {{RaceName}} name of your event

Be sure to choose a subject that will be relevant to your registrants and will get them to open your email. For instance, something like "Important Instructions for this Saturday's Demo Race 5k" would likely have a higher open rate than "Demo Race 5k Info".

Finally, you can also choose to email participants by event, in case there are different instructions for 5k registrants versus marathon registrants, for example.

Click Send, confirm you're ready to send, and off goes your email to your participants!

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