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Help Topic: Email Volunteers

Communicate with your volunteers before race day and after to send a quick "thank you" email.

Help Topic:  Email Volunteers

Send out updates and last minute details to help keep your volunteers organized and ready to go for race day! To email your volunteers, choose the race from the My Races menu in the top blue bar, and then navigate to Volunteers > Email Volunteers.

Here are the available variables that can be used in the Email Volunteers message to customize the email by volunteer:

  • {{FirstName}} First name of the volunteer

  • {{LastName}} Last name of the volunteer

  • {{Email}} Volunteer's email address

  • {{Phone}} Volunteer's phone number

  • {{VolunteerAssignment}} Position the volunteer is assigned for your event

You can choose to send this email to only your confirmed volunteers, only volunteers pending confirmation, or both. Ensure that you use a subject that will grab your volunteer's attention so any important emails aren't trashed.

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