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Help Topic: Participant Check-In

There are two primary ways to check-in participants. Search by name or utilizing QR codes.

Help Topic:  Participant Check-In

There are two primary ways to check-in participants. Search by name or utilizing QR codes.

Begin by logging in and going to My Races > to select the race you want to manage. If you have only one race in your account, you will already be in your race's dashboard. Next, select Registrations > Participant Check-In.

In the upper right-hand corner, you will find two different function buttons. Click the green button that says Go Fullscreen. This will hide the other navigation options on the RaceDirector platform while volunteers are checking people in, giving you extra screen area as well.

You will notice on the left-hand side of the window, you can choose how many participants are displayed on each page. The blue header also contains a tally of the total number of people already checked in, and the number of participants pending check-in.

QR Code Check-In

We will start by describing the process for using QR code functionality as this feature increases the speed and efficiency of checking in runners at an expo/packet pick-up, or on-site the day of your event.

QR Code Check-In

  1. To authenticate each of your devices used for check-in (phones, tablets, etc.), click the button with the QR code inside the box.

  2. A QR code will appear on your screen.

  3. Scan the code to register the device you will be using for checking in participants. We recommend using ScanLife. It is quick, reliable, and free. You might also consider buying some inexpensive Trac phones on Amazon to have ready for volunteers to use, so they do not have to use their personal devices.

  4. You can now begin checking participants in using the device.

  5. Scan the QR code a participant brings in on their device or printed on paper.

  6. You will see a confirmation that the runner has been successfully checked-in.

  7. Volunteers will be able to easily note the bib number they need to pull, as well as the shirt size they requested. Click to "X' in the upper left corner to check in the next person.

QR Code Check-In Successful

To distribute QR Codes to your participants, we recommend using the Email Participants functionality in RaceDirector a few days prior to check-in. Include the {{QrCode}} placeholder, {{Bib}}, and a few other participant details to make it extremely simple to check in participants. Be sure to ask that they have their QR Code ready. This is also a great way to allow friends to pick-up another participant's packet, as they can simply forward the email with the QR code to their helpful friend.

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Search by Name Check-In

To check in participants by searching by name, you will start by navigating to the same page from the dashboard as you did for QR code check-in (Registrations > Participant Check-in).

This list of participants can be sorted by any column, with the default sorting by last name. The first column on the left allows you to quickly see who has and has not checked-in.

In the upper right, use the Search form to start typing in a participant's first name, last name, email address or phone number. The participant list is quickly narrowed down with each character typed. Toggle the button to the left to "Yes" and the runner is now checked-in and a time-stamp of the check-in is added to the system.

In this view, your volunteers can easily read the bib number that needs to be distributed and the details on any swag they are to receive such as their race shirt.

To search for the next participant, simply click the "X" in the Search box and begin typing in the next person's information.

Please note, you can have an unlimited number of volunteers checking in participants at the same time, with all screens updating in real-time.

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