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Help Topic: Sponsorship Management

Obtaining sponsors to help offset the fixed costs of your event can be crucial to an events long-term success. This help topic will walk you through the functionality on the RaceDirector platform that will make it simple for you to maintain and grow your sponsorship relationships.

Help Topic:  Sponsorship Management

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Create Your Sponsorship Page
The first thing you will need to do is create a page on your race site to promote your sponsorship opportunities and a listing of logos of your sponsors that are linked to their websites.
Create Sponsorships

  1. From the Dashboard, begin by going to My Races > and select the race that you want to add/manage sponsorships.

  2. Next select Site Manager > Manage Pages.  You will now see 2 tabs that display current pages on your site and another titled "Add A Page"

  3. Start by filling in the name of the page that will be displayed as a part of the URL address.

  4. The body of the page is where you can write a brief or detailed message about your sponsors and other aspects of your sponsorship opportunities(see below).

  5. Click the Page Template in the drop-down menu below and chose the Sponsorship Template.  Utilizing this template will enable functionality to allow sponsors to sign-up for available opportunities directly from your race website.

  6. Be sure to click the blue Save button before navigating away from the page or closing the window.

Manage Your Sponsors
If you already have existing sponsors for your upcoming race this is where you will input their information.  
Manage Sponsors

  1. From the Dashboard, begin by going to My Races > and select the race you want to manage sponsorship functions. Then select Sponsors > Manage Sponsors.

  2. Complete all of the information in the fields you see in the screenshot above.  Entering the sponsor's email address, website and other information will allow additional templates and functionality to generate emails, invoices and populate other parts of your fundraising page.  Clicking on the Logo drop-down menu will allow you to browse your computer and upload their logo as well.

  3. Again, be sure to click the blue Save button before moving away from this page.

Promote Sponsor Opportunities
This section will allow you to list all of your sponsorship opportunities and have them displayed on the sponsorship page of your race website.  Be sure to load all of your opportunities, even the ones that may already be spoken for.  This will allow potential sponsors see the full range of sponsorships you offer.

Race Sponsor Opportunities

  1. From the Dashboard, begin by going to My Races > and select the race you want to manage sponsorship functions.

  2. Select Sponsors > Sponsor Opportunities

  3. In the screenshot above there are 2 tabs:  The Opportunities tab is where you will find all the sponsorship opportunities you have created.  You can go back and edit these after you have saved them.

To Add an Opportunity:  Complete the following 4 fields on this screen and click the blue Save button.  

  • Title:  This is the title that will be displayed on your race web site sponsorship page.

  • Description:  Give potential sponsors a detailed description of what they will be receiving in return for their sponsorship dollars.

  • Number Available:  Denote how many of this particular sponsorship opportunity are available.  Leaving it blank or “0” will allow unlimited people to sign-up for this sponsorship.

  • Price:  The cost of the sponsorship.

Repeat this process for as many unique sponsorship opportunities as you want to make available.  You can always come back and edit, add, or delete options.

Invoice Your Sponsors
The RaceDirector platform allows you to create, email and manage invoices to sponsors.
When a sponsor receives an invoice generated and emailed from RaceDirector it will automatically include a link to allow your sponsor the option to pay the invoice by credit card to your Stripe account.  The usual 2.9% transaction fee + $0.30 applies.  RaceDirector does not add any additional surcharges for this convenience.
Invoice Race Sponsors

  1. From the Dashboard, begin by going to My Races > and select the race you want to manage sponsorship functions.

  2. Then select Sponsors > Sponsor Invoices

  3. If you have existing invoices you can access them here by clicking on the first tab.  To create a new invoice you will begin to complete as many of the applicable field on the Add An Invoice tab.

  4. If you receive payment for an invoice offline, you can come back in and select the date from the drop-down calendar for the section Date Paid.  Any online payments will update this date automatically.

  5. You can add multiple Invoice Items if you need to bill a sponsor for more than one line item.  Simply complete the first invoice item and click the Add button if you need to list additional items.

  6. Once you have completed all the fields, you can know either choose Save or Save & Email.  Saving will allow you to come back later and make additional edits or wait until you are ready to send the invoice to your sponsor.  

  7. When you click Save and Email, the Race Director platform will open the email template and allow you to preview the invoice and customize a message to the sponsor.  

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