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Who is Behind RaceDirector?

RaceDirector brings all aspects of organizing, promoting and managing a race under one, easy-to-use, cost-effective platform

Like many great products and services, RaceDirector was built out of necessity. As an avid runner, in 2013 I decided to organize a local 5k race, the Downtown Willoughby 5k. After researching different options to help accept online race registrations and also manage the race as a whole, I came up empty-handed. There were plenty of race registration companies, but all were too expensive and delivered too little in return. I decided to build the full management system for my race.

Since 1997, I've built, managed and sold a number of web services. After the first Downtown Willoughby 5k sold out at 1,500 runners, and I continued to manage everything painlessly, I realized that there were likely many other race directors looking to use a similar system. So, I took a step back and designed a system that any race director could use, for any number of races per year. The first live beta test was opening registration for the 2015 Downtown Willoughby 5k, where I could see first-hand how the RaceDirector system would hold up to large spikes in registrations, and see what was still missing as I managed the race. As registration opened, 250 registrations came through in the first 15 minutes, with 1,000 by the end of the first day. RaceDirector handled it with ease.

RaceDirector was built from the ground up to manage races, plain and simple. We're not trying to be a solution for every type of event. Our goal is to do one thing exceptionally well; organize, manage and promote races.

I look forward to discussing how RaceDirector can help manage your races.

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