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Race Budgets & Financial Reporting

Take control of your race's budget with integrated, real-time financials and projections

It can be tricky managing all the moving parts in a race, but budgeting and financial projections don't need to be difficult. We've built income reports and budgeting directly in RaceDirector, so you always have a clear picture of how your race is doing from a financial perspective.

Our integrated budgeting includes the following features to make your life easier:

  • Manage all of your budget items, indicating if the cost is fixed or per registrant
  • View an actual, cash-basis report for income and expenses for your race to-date
  • Create financial projections based on your budget items and projected number of race registrations per event
  • Mark budget items as paid or pending and set a due date for completion or payment
  • Your financials update automatically based on current budgets and registration numbers
  • View past due items to ensure you stay on top of your tasks and budget

Generate Bib Assignments

Continue the tour to learn how RaceDirector helps you quickly and easily assign bib numbers.

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