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Increase Fundraising Efforts at your Next Charity Race

Simplify your race's fundraising with RaceDirector, while maximizing the total donations received through your event.

If you're supporting a charity through your race, RaceDirector can help maximize your fundraising efforts and overall charitable contribution. We understand the importance of keeping costs low, and providing the greatest amount of exposure for your charity. We started RaceDirector after creating a local charity race, which has resulted in $70,000 being donated to Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana in 3 years.

Here are some of the ways RaceDirector helps your fundraiser be a success, whether your race attracts 100 participants or 20,000:

  • Simple Pricing. For each donation received through a participant's fundraising page, or a direct donation, we charge only $1 per donation, plus Stripe credit card processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30. We let your donors decide if they'd like to pay the service fees, so you receive the full donation.
  • Accept Donations During Registration. Donations made by participants during registration do not have any fees added by RaceDirector, and are included in the $1 per registration fee. Pay only credit card processing fees, or choose to pass the full service fee on to participants.
  • Free Fundraising Pages. Setting up your fundraiser is as easy as filling out a few fields in your Race Settings page. You can customize the content on your fundraising pages, so donors understand where the donation is going and more about your fundraiser.
  • Free Fundraiser Pages for Participants. Fundraising through a race is a great way to scale donations quickly. Each participant can become a distinct supporter of your fundraiser and solicit donations from their network of friends, family, and colleagues. We make it simple with custom participant fundraising pages. Participants can direct their network to their custom page where top donations, recent donations, and total donations are displayed, along with information about the fundraiser. Their supporters can donate quickly and securely through their page.
  • Social Media Integration. Donors can search for a participant by name, but we also make it easy for participants to share their custom fundraising URL through social media with built-in sharing tools.
  • Reporting. We make fundraising management a breeze with top-level reports displaying total donations received, in addition to detailed reports showing who donated, and the amount of the donation.

Earn More Revenue Through Race Sponsorships

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