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Custom Race Registration Forms

Customize your race registration forms with our drag-and-drop form builder. Ask custom questions during registration, simply and seamlessly.

Our drag-and-drop registration form builder allows you to ask any question to your race registrants during checkout.

  • Drag and drop different form elements to your custom form, including static text, text fields, large textareas, checkboxes, radio buttons, and select menus.
  • Change the order of your questions by dragging into position.
  • Provide custom labels for your questions and selectable options for checkboxes, radio buttons, and select menus.
  • Set answers to be selected by default.
  • Choose if each question is required or optional.
  • Different sets of questions can be asked for different events.

Earn Additional Revenue With Add-on Product Sales

Continue the tour to learn how RaceDirector helps you maximize race revenue by offering add-on products during race registration.

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