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Simple Pricing. Comprehensive Features.

Using RaceDirector's suite of services is like getting a BMW for Volkswagen prices.

  • Industry low service fees: 3.49% + $1
  • Your money is in your bank account Every. Single. Day.
  • Host and manage your website: only $20/month
  • Race Registration Fees: great service, ridiculously low fees

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    • RaceDirector registration fee: $2.84
    • Avg competitor fee: $4.06
    • You'll save $609.12 with RaceDirector

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    Company Per Registration Payment Schedule
    RaceDirector $2.84 Daily Payments $4.62 Checks every 2 weeks
    Chronotrack $4.38 Checks mailed or direct deposited every week
    EventBrite $3.74 5 days after event ends $4.38 Monthly
    RaceEntry $3.73 15 days after event by check $4.25 Every 2 weeks
    RaceRoster $3.95 30 days after event $3.50 Monthly $4.62 Twice Monthly
    UltraSignup $3.62 Twice Monthly

    Payments Right Into Your Bank Account via Stripe

    Most registration companies hold your money for weeks. We don't. We simply connect you with a Stripe account and - BLAMO! - your money is deposited into your bank account every single day.

  • No monthly fees
  • No set up charges
  • Immediate cash flow

  • Pass Along Fees or Absorb

    • Race Registration: It is your choice whether service fees are added to or included in your registration price.
    • Donations: The donor will determine if they will cover the fees, or if the fees should be deducted from the donation.

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