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No one likes complicated race registration fees that change based on volume or price. We don't take a percentage of your race fees, because frankly, our costs don't change whether you're charging $25 or $125 for your race.

Race Registration Fees

For just $1 per registration, you get the same features, whether you're supporting a race with 10 participants or 10,000 participants.

No one can avoid credit card fees, but we also don't need to mark those fees up. We simply connect to your existing or new Stripe account. Stripe handles the credit card processing with no monthly fees and no setup charges. 2.9% + $0.30 will be deducted from any credit card charge made and your money is deposited every day, 2 days after the transaction.

Fundraising and Donation Fees

Any donation made during the registration process by a participant is included in the registration fee, with no additional fees.

Donations made to your fundraising pages have our same low-cost fee of $1 per donation, plus Stripe credit card processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30.

Pass Along Fees or Absorb

  • Race Registration: You may choose if our fee + Stripe fees are added to registrations as a service fee, or if you will absorb those fees.
  • Donations: The donor will determine if they will cover the fees, or if the fees should be deducted from the donation.

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Race Registration Fees: $1 per registration

Registration Fee - Pricing Comparison

Determine your cost savings and race registration fees using our calculator below.

  • RaceDirector per registration fee: $2.83
  • Competitor per registration fee: $3.50 - $4.62
  • RaceDirector total registration fees: $1,416.07
  • Competitor total registration fees: $1,750.00 - $2,312.50
  • Save $333.93 - $896.43 with RaceDirector

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Company Per Registration Total Registration Fees Payment Schedule
RaceDirector $2.83 $1,416.07 Daily Direct Deposit, 2 days after a registration $4.62 $2,312.50 Checks every 2 weeks
Chronotrack $4.38 $2,187.50 Checks mailed or direct deposited every week
EventBrite $3.74 $1,870.00 5 days after event ends $4.38 $2,187.50 Monthly
RaceEntry $3.73 $1,867.50 15 days after event by check $4.25 $2,125.00 Every 2 weeks
RaceRoster $3.95 $1,975.00 30 days after event $3.50 $1,750.00 Monthly $4.62 $2,312.50 Twice Monthly
UltraSignup $3.62 $1,812.50 Twice Monthly