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Race Participant Check-In

Increase efficiency and decrease time spent checking in race participants

Printing out large lists of participants, scanning for names, and checking off runners is a slow and cumbersome process. If last minute race registrations come in, or someone makes a change, your printed list is no longer accurate.

We set out to make RaceDirector a better, simplified process of checking in participants at your race. Start typing in a participant's first name, last name, email or phone number and the participant list is quickly narrowed down with each character typed. The refined list of race participants shows you everything you need to get a runner checked in, including name, event they're registered for, bib number, swag choice (shirt size, for instance) and age. Just click the button next to their name to toggle that they're now checked in. A date and timestamp are instantly logged and your race participant is ready to go. No more flipping through pages of names!

QR Code Scanning Check-In

For an even quicker check-in process, RaceDirector now offers QR Code scanning for the fastest check-in possible. QR Code check-in works as follows:

  1. Use any QR Code scanner on your smartphone or tablet. We like ScanLife. It's quick, reliable, and free.
  2. From the Participant Check-in section of RaceDirector, click on the QR code icon to launch your authentication QR code.
  3. Scan your authentication QR Code from the screen, or a printout, to authenticate scanning from your smartphone or tablet.
  4. Begin scanning participants' QR codes to immediately check them in. All pertinent information is displayed on your device's screen.

Participant QR Codes

Getting your participants their custom QR Code for check-in is simple. Adding {{QrCode}} when emailing your participants will embed their custom QR code in the email. You can use this same {{QrCode}} placeholder in your registration confirmation email to include the QR Code as participants register for your race.

Sometimes Things Come Up

Continue the tour to learn how RaceDirector can help you and your participants quickly and easily transfer their registration to a new participant.

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