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Obstacle Race or Mud Run:  Build It and They Will Come

Obstacle Race or Mud Run: Build It and They Will Come

Obstacle races and mud runs have become all the rage over the past few years. The Tough Mudder organization alone saw over 2 million people participate at their events last year. The Spartan Race is another version of the obstacle race that is geared for intensely competitive people who want to be physically pushed to their limit. You will also find any number of other versions of an obstacle race or mud run in smaller communities around the country. If your participants want to race or just want the accomplishment of finishing, everyone has a smile on their dirty faces at the finish line of these events. Here are some considerations for adding one to your calendar of events.

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Marketing Your Event to Millennials

For the past few decades the Baby Boomers have been on the top of the heap and wielded the largest influence when it comes to marketing value. These folks are mostly retired with plenty of free time and disposable income. They are still a force to be reckoned with, but the Millennials now outnumber the silver-haired foxes and comprise the largest demographic in the United States.

Build Customer Loyalty for Your Event

Look at any race calendar these days and you will find dozens of events within driving distance of your town that you can choose to participate in and support. New ones pop up every year. If you already have your event established and are enjoying some level of community support, now is the time to make sure that your participants keep you at the top of their list when it comes time to decide where to spend their registration dollars.

How to Put on a Dog-friendly Event

They do not call dogs man’s best friend for nothing. They are members of our family that can be as important to us as our children, except the dogs follow directions better and are not as messy. People like to take their furry friends with them everywhere these days. Running events are no exception. So why not put on an event that caters to 45% of the households that have at least one of the 78 million dogs in this country!

How to Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Event

Over the past few months here at RaceDirector, we are sure that you have noticed when scrolling your Facebook feed, it seems every other post is someone who was "Live". In the month of October, that was mostly politicians vying for votes. Keep reading to learn how Facebook Live can help your race get in front of more eyeballs.

How to Promote Your Event Offline

In the rush to keep up with the latest trends in online marketing and the myriad of new social media outlets, many events and organizations seem to have completely abandoned any form of marketing or advertising outside of the digital realm. While it is true that you should be utilizing all these new forms of technology allowing you to reach a far broader audience than ever before, do not ignore some of the more traditional, non-digital marketing opportunities to create awareness about your event.

Help Topic: Promo Codes

In this article we will cover how to complete the different options available for Promo Codes.

Simple SEO Strategies for Race Directors

If you build it, they will come. This might have applied to the Field of Dreams, but unfortunately, does not work for websites competing for coveted space on the first page of search results on Google. Executing some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your race website can greatly increase the potential for runners to find your specific event.

How to Organize a Jingle Bell Run or Turkey Trot

The holidays are upon us whether we are ready or not! Retailers have had their Halloween products out for a while now and we even saw some Christmas items already. We are not being Scrooge, we love the holiday season here at RaceDirector! Getting in the spirit of things as an RD with a holiday-themed race may not only make you jolly, but if done right it can become the event of the season in your running community.

Benefits of Creating a Race Booklet for Your Event

What you get in swag bags at running events can vary widely. If you are paying a premium price at a higher profile event, then your expectations may be a bit different than if you are participating in a local 5K benefiting the school's PTO. No matter where your race falls in this spectrum, implementing the idea of creating a Race Booklet can benefit any event.

Turn Your Event into a Runcation

Having solid local participation and support for your race is important. At RaceDirector, we know you need the local running community to support your event. Not only are these people your participants, but they are also the business owners who may provide sponsorship or be your volunteer base. Maybe the way to grow your event and have it stand out is to broaden the geographic appeal and look for an opportunity to turn your event into a runcation.

Social Media 101 for Race Directors

Many people today have a love-hate relationship with social media. Even if you mostly fall on the hate side of that equation, you should still create some proper exposure and engagement to ensure you are reaching your targeted audience. Today, we will help you navigate the fast moving water that is Social Media.

Utilizing Ambassadors and Referrals to Drive Race Registration

You work hard to create a great event that stands out in a crowded calendar of races and other events. The job of promoting your event means finding a way to be heard in the noisy space of websites, social media, and other communication channels. You should definitely cover all your bases and do some or all of these things. An avenue you may not have considered is the use of Ambassadors and Referrals.

What Type of Race Bib Should I Use?

When putting on a race, there are hundreds of decisions to be made along the way. Some are necessary and fairly insignificant. Others can be very impactful and directly affect the experience of your participants. Each runner will hold your bib in their hand and pin it to their shirt on race day. In the RaceDirector blog today, we will give you some tips on how to choose wisely.

Preparing Your Race Website

Just a few short years ago you would need some decent HTML programming skills to build your race website and create the content and images. Today, it is a fairly simple process that just about anyone can do easily.

How to Build Up Excitement for Your Race

Building excitement for your race is an important part of marketing your event to your community, and creating interest and buzz in your event. There are so many events competing for the same participants these days that you must have a strategy to stand out in the crowd. At RaceDirector, we know how hard you work behind the scenes to put on a high quality event and make sure all the important details are handled. To do this effectively, you need to beat your own drum a bit.

Race Swag: Expense or Opportunity?

Most participants these days have come to expect some kind of race swag when they enter an event. In a sea full of events to choose from, many people will select a race based on how they might covet a certain finisher's medal, a great race shirt, or other piece of swag that will become a keepsake to remind them of something they worked hard to be able to complete.

Top Ten Running Motivation and Race Videos

There are so many great running or race videos. This is by no means the definitive list of all lists regarding running or race videos. At RaceDirector, we wanted to share this article with you to make a specific point: Video is a powerful medium for communicating with your audience.

Color Your Race Green!

If your organization only puts on one event each year, or you have aspirations for a full calendar of well-attended events, the founders of The Color Run have created a scalable methodology that you should take a look at for inspiration.

Using Video to Market your Next Race

Video is the king on the internet when it comes to user engagement. When used effectively, video can benefit your online marketing efforts, sales, and branding of your race. Just as race photos are important to marketing your race for years to come, video can be even more effective.

Marketing Your Race on Facebook

Facebook offers huge scale and tightly focused targeting like few other marketing platforms. Today, we'll discuss some tips for helping you get the most from Facebook when marketing your race, without spending a penny.