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Tips on How to Structure Event Age Groups

Tips on How to Structure Event Age Groups

People run for all kinds of reasons. For most, the primary competition for a runner is against themselves. Chasing a PR, weight loss, or general fitness are common themes. Some are driven to compete and want to win. People also want to know how their results stack up against their peer group. Having properly staggered age-categories allows runners to gauge their efforts in this way.

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Utilizing Ambassadors and Referrals to Drive Race Registration

You work hard to create a great event that stands out in a crowded calendar of races and other events. The job of promoting your event means finding a way to be heard in the noisy space of websites, social media, and other communication channels. You should definitely cover all your bases and do some or all of these things. An avenue you may not have considered is the use of Ambassadors and Referrals.

Race Insurance and Event Waivers

At Race Director, we are all about helping you put all your ducks in a row. An important part of that is putting in place all the proper protections for your event. You work hard to create safety for your runners on the course, have the necessary medical on hand just in case, and all the other details that are part of a well-run and successful event. Event insurance is the final safety net in place for all the other unforeseen circumstances that we all hope never come to pass.

Free Race Registration for Fun Runs & No-Cost Charity Events

At RaceDirector we like things simple and straightforward. How about this: There is no cost to you if you do not charge for registration. That could be with the use of a promo code, no-entry fee event, etc. Read more to see all the ways some or all of your registrants may not cost you a dime to use our platform.

Marketing Your Race on Facebook

Facebook offers huge scale and tightly focused targeting like few other marketing platforms. Today, we'll discuss some tips for helping you get the most from Facebook when marketing your race, without spending a penny.