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Help Topic:  Sponsorship Management

Help Topic: Sponsorship Management

Obtaining sponsors to help offset the fixed costs of your event can be crucial to an events long-term success. This help topic will walk you through the functionality on the RaceDirector platform that will make it simple for you to maintain and grow your sponsorship relationships.

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How to Avoid Disappointing Event Sponsors

It takes hard work to put on a race and go out and secure the right kind of sponsors for your event. Sponsors have lots of choices these days. Sponsorship dollars can greatly help underwrite many of your fixed costs and allow you to keep entry fees more reasonable or donate more dollars to a charity you support. Once you have sponsors on board, follow some of the tips below to make sure you keep them!

What Type of Race Bib Should I Use?

When putting on a race, there are hundreds of decisions to be made along the way. Some are necessary and fairly insignificant. Others can be very impactful and directly affect the experience of your participants. Each runner will hold your bib in their hand and pin it to their shirt on race day. In the RaceDirector blog today, we will give you some tips on how to choose wisely.

Sponsorships: Just Do It!

We are not even going to mention the company by name we are alluding to in the title of this article. There is no need to do so. An overwhelming majority of the 7 billion+ people on the planet will know who we are referring to if we also included their logo. How about the company with the logo that is a piece of fruit? Marketing is an essential part of any successful business. Sponsorship of athletes, events, venues, etc is a great way for a company to create awareness about their products or services.

How To Attract Race Sponsors

An important part of covering expenses on race day is attracting enough race sponsors. For a new, or smaller race, that’s not always overly simple though. Today we’ll go over some ideas for helping you attract sponsors to your race of any size.