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Benefits of Creating a Race Booklet for Your Event

Benefits of Creating a Race Booklet for Your Event

What you get in swag bags at running events can vary widely. If you are paying a premium price at a higher profile event, then your expectations may be a bit different than if you are participating in a local 5K benefiting the school's PTO. No matter where your race falls in this spectrum, implementing the idea of creating a Race Booklet can benefit any event.

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Go Green! Make Your Race More Environmentally Friendly

Being more environmentally conscious is a big trend right now. Trendy or not, at RaceDirector we think being a good steward of our environment and natural resources is just the right thing to do. Read today's blog post for ideas and tips on how to be a part of the solution.

Race Swag: Expense or Opportunity?

Most participants these days have come to expect some kind of race swag when they enter an event. In a sea full of events to choose from, many people will select a race based on how they might covet a certain finisher's medal, a great race shirt, or other piece of swag that will become a keepsake to remind them of something they worked hard to be able to complete.