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5 reasons 2016 was a great year at RaceDirector

5 reasons 2016 was a great year at RaceDirector

This time of year, all the chatter is about how fantastic/horrible the last 12 months were and how the next 12 months will be even better. 2016 was definitely one of those years! So yes, this is one of those articles where we are going to highlight a few notable highlights from the past year.

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QR Code Participant Check-in: New to RaceDirector

We are all used to seeing UPC bar codes on products for quite some time now. Grocery stores have even put us to work scanning them in self-checkout lanes. So what are these new-fangled QR codes, and how can they help you when organizing and managing your next event in a more efficient manner?

Enhanced Volunteer Communication & Registration Exports

This week, RaceDirector has a few technical updates to pass along. It is all about continuous improvement, but we will not bore you with the technical gyrations we had to perform to create these. Read on to find out how export functionality has been expanded, and volunteer communications has become even more streamlined.

RaceDirector Launches Race Fundraising Pages

We are huge fans of simplicity and scale. That’s why we love fundraising through charity races, where each participant becomes another opportunity to attract additional donors through a new network of friends, family, and colleagues. This is exactly what we set out to accomplish with the launch of our new fundraising functionality.

RaceDirector’s Network and Infrastructure Expansion

This week, we migrated our infrastructure to allow for essentially unlimited growth and scale, with an emphasis on availability. These aren't always the most exciting posts, so we'll keep it brief and try to keep the nerd jargon to a minimum.